Babies with microcephaly has quadruple in Colombia due to Zika infections.

Colombia’s health officials reported 476 cases of microcephaly in 2016 compared with 110 cases in 2015. A detailed report indicated July as the peak month for reported cases of microcephaly six months after the peak of the outbreak of Zika in the country.

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Zika updates

As for November 25, 2016:

Pregnant women with lab evidence of Zika infection:

US States: 1,114

US Territories:2,561

Zika virus disease cases reported to Arbonet:

US States and DC: 4,444

US Territories: 32, 724

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What is locally acquired Zika?

A local transmission of Zika (or dengue) means that you acquired the disease where you live, work or play. This type of transmission is not travel related, the mosquitoes in your area are the ones transmitting the disease. Once infected, the Aedes mosquito can spread the disease to several hosts and lay eggs to increase the population of mosquitoes.

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Zika is a global epidemic

Zika has been found in 75 countries and reports on birth defects has double. According to Professor Jimmy Whitworth, of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “Zika is widespread globally, and while it is now winter in the northern hemisphere, there is no slowing down of the epidemic overall.

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